Redwood Valley Cellars  

Redwood Valley Cellars offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of our custom crush and storage clients. Whether you’re looking for specialized winemaking services, crushing, or storage for your wine, Redwood Valley Cellars can work with you to provide a customized program that delivers quality results at a reasonable cost.

  • Experienced winemaking staff provides interpretation of data, in-depth troubleshooting, and works with you and your team to achieve your goals.
  • Packaging options available through our local partners.
  • We work with brokers and other buyers to get your wine sold and shipped in a timely and profitable manner.

Crush / Pressing / Fermentation

  • Crush capacity of 8,000 tons
  • Red crush and fermentation from 24 ton to 80 ton lots
  • White crush and fermentation from 10 ton to 100 ton lots
  • Daily max: 100 ton whites and 500 ton reds


  • 2.5 million gallon stainless steel tank storage
  • 2800 gallons to 60,000 gallons size tanks
  • Temperature controlled and/or foam insulated Tank


  • Brix by Anton Paar DMA35 densiometer
  • TA
  • pH
  • Free SO2 by aeration/oxidation
  • Total SO2 by Ripper
  • VA by cash still
  • RS by spectrophotometer
  • L-Malic by spectrophotometer
  • Alcohol
  • Full service on-site lab with full spectrophotometric capability. In addition, FOSS analyzer provides critical real-time trending of all fermenting lots.

Database Wine Tracking

  • AMS software handles all winemaking processes, including movements, additions, and analysis. All processes are tracked on a daily basis and clients can be furnished with a detailed history of their inventory.

Providers of Premium Custom Crushing and Storage